Materiality and evanescence in app-books: interactive digital books for children and obstacles to digital education

Artigo Completo

Autores: Jaqueline Conte   •  Alice Matsuda


Based on the award-winning works in the Children’s Digital category of the Jabuti Awards (2015-2017), this article highlights some of the challenges that digital books for children face, particularly so that they can become an alter- native tool for literary education. Among these challenges are the actual materiality of these productions and the evanescence of the works. The article also comments on digital libraries, a new business model under development in Brazil, which has united some schools and digital literature. This work is based on discussions undertaken by several researchers, including Hayles (2002, 2009), Antonio (2011), Teixeira (2015), Corrêa (2016), Kirchof (2009, 2013), Ribeiro (2017), Frederico (2018), Morgan (2013) and Kommers (1996). The methodology used was exploratory with a bibliographical basis, comparative descriptions and immanent analysis of the award-winning works, as well as considerations based on interviews with stakeholders in this market.